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Why do microfiber towels sell so well ?

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Microfiber towel cloth has good softness, good verticality and excellent splitting performance. Everyone must use towels every day. But many materials of towels are easy to hurt human skin, which is unfavorable to skin maintenance. Microfiber towel cloth is soft and smooth, not tied, and softer than cotton, and the towel made of this kind of material makes it soft. It is cool and comfortable to use. It is called breathing towel by experts. It can be used healthily in the whole year.

Microfiber towel cloth also has bacteriostasis and antimicrobial effect, the bactericidal rate is about 75%, which is incomparable with other textile materials, and the ultraviolet resistance of microfiber is hundreds of times that of cotton.

At present, the best-selling market of microfiber towel cloth not only increases the category, but also presents a multi-angle development trend in product design and function development. This can be seen from the consumer's habit of buying ultra-fine fiber towels: from random purchase to brand selection, from a family sharing a towel to the details from head to foot, from a towel to a towel for a few months a year, from the only requirement to achieve cleanliness to the pursuit of practical and personality fashion combination. As a gift, the ever-changing consumer demand for ultra-fine fiber towels seems to indicate a broad space for the future development of ultra-fine fiber towel market.




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