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2015-Jiaqi's most important year

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From January 22nd to 25th, the company started the relocation plan.

From February to March, the 6S production area of the new factory was adjusted and it quickly entered normal production.

In April, various national government approval documents for the new plant were completed.

In May, the new plant passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification again, and the new plant of 3M in the United States passed the inspection.

In June, "Danyang Jiaqi" was upgraded to "Jiangsu Jiaqi", and the information announcement was adjusted in place. The 10th anniversary celebration of Jiangsu Jiaqi was successfully held.

Based on the completion of the company's quality requirements in July, the quality control process was further improved. The new Disney factory was inspected and passed.

In August, the sampling process and control methods were improved, and Walmart passed the first factory inspection.

In September, the management of suppliers was strengthened, and the new factory of Boots in Britain was inspected and passed.

In October, it finally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hilco of the United States. The anti-fog cleaning fluid and anti-fog cleaning cloth were successfully developed.

On November 3rd, the headquarters of Oaklay and Luxottica came to our company to sign a strategic cooperation agreement.


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