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Automatic Cutting Workshop

We have modern factories, automated production workshops and professional laboratories of international standards. Our huge production capacity can meet the needs of the global market. At present, our glasses cloth glasses bags have been exported to more than 100 countries. Microfiber fabrics have Reach test reports and international certificates. You can customize glasses cloth glasses bags of various sizes and shapes according to your needs.
 Cutting method:
Ultrasonic cutting, automatic cutting, laser cutting
 Production capacity:
Ultrasonic cutting: 40kpcs/day
Automatic cutting: 700kpcs/day

Dust-Free Workshop (Spray Lens Cleaner Workshop)

Our lens cleaner spray is produced in a 100,000-class dust-free workshop, safe and non-toxic, clean and powerful, and safely and easily remove stubborn stains. The maintenance and cleaning kit for cameras and other electronic products meets all the needs of daily use.
No alcohol, with MSDS certificate, and safe transportation appraisal report.
 Production capacity:
Lens cleaner spray: 200kpcs/day
 Product:
Lens cleaner spray, anti-fog spray

Pre-moistened lens wipes Workshop (100 thousand grade purification room)

Our lens wet wipes are produced in a 100,000-class dust-free workshop with 20 fully automatic machines, with high production capacity and fast delivery.
Products of different sizes and different formulas can be made according to customer requirements; alcohol-free formulas, with MSDS certification, and safe transportation appraisal reports.
 Production capacity:
Lens wet wipes: 1000kpcs/day
 Product:
Lens wet wipes, Anti-fog wipes

Automatic Heat Transfer Workshop

We can provide the different printing methods you want, including thermal transfer printing, table printing, embossing printing, hot stamping printing, etc.
 Production capacity
Thermal transfer printing: 80kpcs/day
Embossing printing: 80kpcs/day
Taiwan printing: 200kpcs/day
Hot stamping printing: 80kpcs/day


The company was formally established in June 2005, is a research and development, design, production, sales and service as one of professional microfiber products manufacturer.






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